Theerasak Photha

"Have you ever seen a costume like mine?" (TheJuggernaut?)

I am currently between high school and college, with a lot of free time on my hands, and I piss away a lot of it here. I have a website:

The nick hanumizzle is derived from the Hindu/Buddhist monkey god Hanuman. Because the Rama(?:yan|kien) is one of my favorite stories, I allude to it on an almost daily basis. I am not a Hindu or Buddhist (or of any religious opinion at all, including atheist), but I find those kinds of things interesting.

Atheism, btw, is not a religious opinion, it's a lack of one, so if you have no "religious" opinion at all, you're an atheist.

Qualifying atheism with strong and weak is as silly as qualifying evolution with macro and micro. It's meaningless. You're either atheist or not; there's no inbetween. You either believe in gods or you don't; it's quite simple. Agnostics are athiests as well; they're just polite about it.

I have transcended even [atheism]. Do a quick Google search for the Brahmin Jabali; the mindset of this freethinker most closely matches my own. (There is a wonderful English translation of a Bangla text on the man on IIRC.) I believe atheism is a kind of religious opinion, or, rather, an opinion of religion. I argue with the more rabid atheists all the time, and delight in tripping them up with their self-righteous attitudes. True and false are both Boolean values, but I am nil.

I'm not an atheist, trust me.

it sounds like you are an agnostic (in the original sense) though (see above).

Jai C2 wiki! (No-one has argued with this yet.)

'hanumizzle' controversy elided

I'm glad to see you're here. Keep contributing! -- ElizabethWiethoff

Welcome! -- EarleMartin

Please put a space character between "--" and your name when signing.

For one, it allows scripts to identify signatures easily. -- JamesKeogh

Double hyphens trigger an 'S' result in the SignatureSurvey if the hyphens (surrounded by spaces or not) are followed by a WikiWord. A space or lack thereof is immaterial. Do you have a different script in mind? -- Eliz

That was what I was thinking of and I appear to have misremembered it. Oh well.

I've been reading ArthurCeeClarke novels lately, and a couple weeks ago I came across the name Hanuman. It's the name of an asteroid. I wanted to tell you about it, but I got caught up in other stuff and am just now hazily remembering what I read. Anyway, Hanuman shows up in either 2010 or 2061. I'll let you know someday when I reread them. -- ElizabethWiethoff

Theerasak: I don't know whether you saw my recent explosion at you. I did a bad thing. I'm sorry I exploded at you. I was reacting out of something from my own youth. Can we be friends? I'm normally mild mannered. -- ElizabethWiethoff

Well, I thought your response to EarleMartin was pretty flippant, and I exploded. Then I erased the explosion. Sorry about the confusion. -- Eliz

Sure. I'll read it. I probably won't have a comment, though. ThaiLanguage is way too foreign a field for me. -- Eliz

Yes, it's a good page: very interesting. It reminds me of my sister several years ago. She took up an interest in Theravada Buddhism and studied Pali awhile. BYW, I had no thoughts of Hitler when I read your thing to Earle :-) BTW, BTW, I was compared to Hitler a long time ago and it screwed me up for the next 15 years!

Moved from RichardKuliszFanClub:
Interesting random thought: when MrPythagoras? told his followers to "abstain from beans", we now think that this was a euphemism for voting, which was done with dry beans as ballots. "Avoid politics", in other words. Would a Hindi speaker say: "Abstain from dal (political party), not daal (lentils)?" -- tp

Clever. Amusing. -- Eliz

Brief translation of the legend of Sithon and Manola (finally) complete:

I encourage everyone on C2 wiki never to use the #python channel on Why? I thought the NO LOL rule was a joke of some kind, but when I sidestepped the bot that admonishes users on use of LOL by using the Greek omicron character in my 'LOL', which looks like this, Ο, one of the chanops threatened me with a ban.

In my immature youth, I would get behind my shell account and/or open proxies and cavalierly use omicron 'LΟL' until the operators eventually grew tired of keeping up with the endless slew of Indian/Thai nicknames I created for myself --- something I did re use of profanity on ##linux until WildPikachu decided to quit playing into my juvenile Agent Smith schoolyard respawn game and let me drop as many F-bombs as I liked.

I don't use LOL that often. LOL itself doesn't mean too much to me. Arbitrary guidelines, with no rhyme or reason, do. It's not much of a SlipperySlope argument to say that if you can accept one thing on blind faith, you can accept anything on blind faith. It's happened before, anyway.

But I think I'm just going to leave it with a hearty "kiss my ass" for the admin who threatened me with expulsion and take my business elsewhere.


And before an of you tell me off for ranting, read this first:

This is hilarious. I laughed so hard I got brain damage:

I loved your comments on ProtestantWorkEthic about Jesus being a hippie! I think you're right. -- BenKovitz


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