Thelop Host Language

A programming language used as basis for the application of the ThelopLanguage. In principle any programming language may be used, although THELOP has been developed for programming languages (like FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC, C, C++ or JAVA) using the typical function/method call syntax.

The ThelopLanguage is extended to fit its host language. Usually some additional words for data types are needed: This is usually not a problem and is described in pages like ThelopForCee?, ThelopForBasic? or ThelopForJava?. There may be changes to the naming rules or to the standard interpetation of ThelopNames as well.

If in doubt, apply the principles of LanguageOrientedProgramming to get a maximum of consistency and reusability.

See also: LopHostLanguage, LanguageOrientedProgramming, ThelopLanguage, ThelopForCee?, ThelopForBasic?, ThelopForJava?

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