Thinking Specialist

One who creates for a living and for pleasure.

My job can be done anytime, anywhere. I am never in fact not thinking. I am not bored, ever.

I'm a typical consumer of physical goods, food, and so forth, but what do I produce? Ideas, knowledge, software. There's a phenomenal EntropyExchangeMarket? hidden here somewhere.

Sometimes I get to thinking things like this: there are a finite (though large) number of possible unique audio CDs. If I create one, via much deep thought and CopiousFreeTime, have I done anything but picked a particular number from the large possible set? Did I create, or did I filter? I'm of the opinion that PerceptionIsGenerative?, so perhaps I am really a PerceivingSpecialist?, but then again, I read a lot of ThomasPynchon. -- LucasAckerman

This reminds of something from a book by RogerZelazny -- I believe it was CreaturesOfLightAndDarkness?. A god-like character in the book is able to transport himself to anyplace that he can visualize. The question then arises as to whether, when he transports himself to a place he has never seen before, these places previously exist somewhere in the universe, or if he creates them through the power of his imagination. (The question is not answered in the story.) -- DanMuller

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