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I am a very dedicated VbClassic developer. VbClassic is indeed a wonderful tool to do TestDrivenDesign in. You have to obey the tool, though. Doing VB the Java or C# way is a certain path to failure.

Pages I follow with interest: I also do a lot of programming in AspDotNet and CeeSharp, which pays my salary. I have also invested time in the next version, in fact I am using it now in my current assignment. I like AspDotNet, but am not that pleased with where it seems to be heading. It still look very TwoTier? to me, which is amazing. TwoWaysDatabinding? doesn't quite work without datasets, some database details have found their way up to the gui in the GridViewControl?, and some of the design decisions doesn't make sense to me.

CeeSharp is beefed up with generics, which I think is solving the wrong problem. Generics is a kind of typed interface inheritance, and used wisely it can be a wondeful thing. But the syntax is just plain ugly, most of the new functionality in the DotNetFramework that I have been exposed to is not CLS compliant. So I suspect my generic classes are not as well. Not that I care, I am not creating libraries anyway. But the syntax can be so verbose and clumpsy, that I recomend the stuff for internal use only. You should not use any generic as part of any interface.

The most laughable extention is anonymous methods which is not typesafe at all, and contradicts everything CeeSharp is designed for. It could, of course, be the beta compiler that isn't smart enough just yet.

Well, enough bashing. I have to get myself back to work...

-- ThomasEyde

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