Tim Rhodes

Tim Rhodes

Tim is a support technician and software developer currently employed by VeSystemsInc. A Texas based company that provides turn-key solutions and technical support for check cashiers across the UnitedStatesOfAmerica. (See http://www.vsi-hou.com)

By no means new to the online communication era, Tim was an avid BulletinBoardSystem SysOp prior to the InterNet. He operated a T.A.G. BBS called "The Hard Drive Cafe" and contributed to the community by volunteering as a FidoNet mail distributor and freeware software developer.

Tim developed or co-developed applications such as LOGBack, TAGScan, TAGBack, TAGRam, and BinkleySCAN, which were all written in TurboPascal and designed to work with T.A.G. and FidoNet related software. Languages he has studied include Assembler, Business Basic, CeePlusPlus, RexxLanguage, Small, and TurboPascal.

Having had no formal classroom training, Tim prefers to write add-on extensions to enhance existing applications rather than writing them from scratch. In fact, LOGBack is one of the few applications that Tim has written from the ground up.

Given his history in the computer industry, Tim considers himself some-what "old-school" and believes in contributing back to the community as well as giving credit where credit is due. As an example, when an unknown WikiGnome added the CategoryHomePage to Tim's HomePage, he immediately reviewed the RecentChanges and met MarkIrons?, a super WikiCitizen. Thanks Mark, I've learned a great deal from following your collection of seashells and watching you work.

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ThankYou It is very nice to meet such dedicated WikiGnomes so quickly. Perhaps this is the start of something terrific! I shall explore, learn, and strive to become a respected WikiZen such as you all in time.

Please note: If you are reading this page and believe that something on it can be re-written to make better sense then by all means feel free to do so. Also feel free to correct any grammatical or spelling errors you encounter here. After all, isn't that part of what Wiki is all about or am I missing the point entirely?

No, you're not missing anything. Welcome to WardsWiki and we hope your stay is pleasant and profitable.


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