Timebomb New Pages

A suggestion sparked by "InSearchOfTheHappyWiki".

DeleteMe if no changes are evident by July 2004. <-- A functional example of what this page is about.


You feel like making or deleting another NewPage on the Wiki.


There is always tension between the page creators and the page deleters.

Forces: (Suggested) Solutions: (Desired) Resulting context: Design Rationale:

Well this probably counts against: it smells like an abuse of the DeleteMe tag.


Thanks for the agreement, Earle and 66.143 (first two octets == given name? But not in CIDR...). As a generalization, I seem to have invoked the "ThinkWinWin" solution. I wonder whether that's in the CreativeWhackPack? But today, grep is not my friend. -- MatthewAstley

I think it's worth noting that many of these issues have been examined in the past. For example, the issue of having many small unconnected pages littering Wiki lead to the idea of WikiSpringCleaning, and several search methods to locate such pages. OrphanPages has a link to find pages with no incoming links. MoreAboutExtraScripts has other links such as the one to find short pages. Also, there is DeleteMe, DeletedButWelcomeToWiki, AreYouThere, AbandonedHomePage, and probably some others I can't remember. Use BackLinks and CategoryWikiMaintenance to find more information.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that there is a lot of information on how to keep Wiki healthy and clean. I'm just trying to make sure people are aware that it's out there so they don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Perhaps this is a sign that this information is scattered around too much and could be better organized.

In my opinion, it serves Wiki best when these kinds of WikiTags and scripts are used over the long term (weeks, months, and years) rather than immediately. The one exception I can think of is DeletedButWelcomeToWiki. It's okay if something is off-topic for a while. Who knows, maybe something relevant to Wiki will emerge. Certainly, if we step all over newcomers' misguided contributions, we'll end up weakening Wiki over the long term. Let's face it, sometimes it takes a while to figure out what this Wiki thing is, and how best to contribute to it. I've always thought it is better to be patient with these situations than to try to 'protect' Wiki prematurely.

Thanks for the perspective: I think, like many RecentChangesJunkies, I'm suffering from WikiTimeDilation?. Perhaps another way to phrase my intentions for this page would be, "Remind the deleter to be more patient."

20090228 I found this page for the first time because I searched for CIDR - maybe that needs its own page. -- ChrisGarrod


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