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A nice tool with auto code generation . It has wizards for pattern instantiation. Includes patterns for HP-Espeak, GOF, and others. Integrates with most of the Appservers, and supports both ejb1.0 and ejb1.1 specs. Includes CVS versioning, allows scripting (to automate the modeling), and overall it's a nice tool to work with. --SeshKumar

It's amazing how two people can have entirely different experiences of the same software. I find TogetherJ slow, buggy and almost impossible to use on anything in the least complicated.

TogetherJ4.0 is released (June 01,2000)

The 4.0 now has a Control Center version which lets you right from modeling to code to modeling to Documentation to Distributed Multi-threaded Debugger to Requirements Traceability and much more. Supports EJB, BEA. IBM, and more. Mighty impressive.
See also IdealUmlCaseTool
With the new functionality in v4 came a new pricing policy, not to the benefit of the customers. The price is now comparable to Rational Rose. Curt Johansson
See also (and perhaps refactor together): TogetherJava

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