Top Ten Discussion

I've always felt that Top 10 lists weren't a good idea for web sites because they tend to self-preserve themselves. Everyone reads the top 10 sites so those sites get the most hits and end up staying on top 10... $0.02. -- PatNotes?

I find it a bit disturbing that RecentChanges and the five or so newest pages seem to be on TopTen continuously. -- OleAndersen

I think the last 2,000 hits is too small of a sample. None of the real pages have more than 20 hits. Maybe 10,000 would yield more interesting results? -- JimLittle

I'd like to know the time period for which the log is sampled. There is a starting time given at the beginning of the page, but what kind of time is this: universal or local, and if local, then which zone?

Why not reveal the bottom ten, as measured over a long period? Might indicate what needs some dusting off. -- EdwardKiser

Or better yet, the oldest ten, measured by the last time they were { edited | read }. (See AncientChanges.)

Having a list of the BottomTen? pages would be a great feature. While a TopTen is self-preserving (not just on websites, either - how about PopChart?s?), a BottomTen? would be changing constantly, since people would be checking out the BottomTen?, thus removing them from the list. -- AalbertTorsius

I like this idea, but for a possibly different reason. A list of all WikiPages sorted from least recently edited at the top would be an interesting view of "core" Wiki.
See TopTen, ManualTopTen, many other IndexingSchemes

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