Tql Design Goals

Top's Query Language (AKA "SMEQL", or SmeQl in wiki-speak)

Goals Influencing TQL Design

Re: "over-dictate domain math"

Could you identify in the RelProject literature where it intends to "discard existing RDBMS engines", particularly as integrating it with existing RDBMses and the strategies required to do so have been an explicit topic here, in which you have participated?

It's from memory, so I cannot confirm it at this point. I'll have to get back to you.

Why I find TQL/SMEQL better than TutorialDee:

Some suggest that since Tutorial-D is further along, that it be used as a replacement/alternative to SQL instead of SMEQL. However, if we are going to bother to compete with SQL, we might as well get it right before putting all ships behind it. If Tutorial-D needs a syntax rework, then let's rework it. Now is the time.

[1] I find in SQL that auto-generated column lists, such as with QueryByExample, sometimes result in column name collision conflicts when multiple joins are involved. If joins are moved into a separate concern (name-space), such should be less likely.

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