Tragedy Of The Commons Happened Here

The title says it all. See TragedyOfTheCommons.

Contrary to naive beliefs, HandWaving and statements of faith, previously expressed in TragedyOfTheCommonsCantHappenHere As of January 2005 WardsWiki succumbed to a crappy mediocrity in the new content being added, whatever valuable content that was created previously doesn't seem to evolve or get improved, updated or anything and is in danger of being further polluted by future edits.

The RecentChanges is a disaster, a true chemical dump as somebody said. But RecentChanges is not the problem; the problem is that as the situation stands now, nobody capable seems to be willing to invest the effort to make Wiki a lively place to share knowledge about software engineering. And justly so, because WardsWiki as it stands now is fundamentally broken, being easy prey for wannabes, folks without any scruples, folks looking for an argument, and even well-intentioned ignoramuses.

Unfortunately, you've just outlined the problems with every method of lots of humans interacting. WardsWiki isn't a special case. In fact, WardsWiki is remarkably informative and un-trollful compared to most of the rest of the Internet. I've learned an incredible amount by reading and posting here, stuff that I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own or from reading random books. Of course it's not perfect, but it's a fantastic resource. Count your blessings.

I tried to make a proposal for improvement (WikiChangeProposal) but so far haven't got any feedback (not even negative feedback), a further sign that Wiki as a community is quasi-dead. I just do not see how wiki can get better, because BusinessAsUsual does not work, as the year 2004 demonstrated.

If wiki continues ruining itself, the only sensible solution that I can see is that contributors of valuable content should commit a WikiSuicide (aka WikiMindWipe) by removing any valuable content they contributed so that there is no doubt for future wiki visitors that they can find something valuable here. Leaving valuable content can only help the pirates that hijacked WardsWiki and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. -- CostinCozianu By all means, go first.

Costin I sense the anguish in your statements, and am impressed by the energy you have exhibited in your WikiChangeProposal. I have just (Jan16) came upon it and will certainly take time to think about what people has to say. But can I make a point or two? Maybe taking a short break will recharge your energy. -- dl

I'm fairly confident future technologies will allow one to "mine" this wiki to better find information and get better summaries.


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