Triangle Xp Meeting Three

Minutes for the third meeting of the TriangleXpUsersGroup (Monday January 27th, 2003 6.30pm-8pm)

People (please add/update your names): (Attendance: 7)

Here were the topics proposed

At the end of the meeting we also discussed the number of folks showing up, possible conflicts with other user groups, whether we should hold speaker meetings, perhaps hold/announce sessions on specific topics, perhaps try an XP Fest --AlexChapman

We spoke about (B) and the discussion bled into (C) a little bit. Points require far less effort to expend and don't tend toward infinite recursion in the analysis process. The XP Cards Retrospective Roulette game seemed a good vehicle to spur discussion. Trying to think of a way to adapt that to another user group... - MitchAmiano

Please add any notes/thoughts from the discussion...

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