Turn Around Management

Some ChangeManagement consultants are skilled in TurnAroundManagement. Corporations under stress can get assistance to "turn a new leaf" and meet the needs of all stakeholders, including shareholders and employees.

There is a "TurnAroundManagementAssociation (TMA)" (http://www.turnaround.org) which focus on "CorporateRenewal". Unfortunately a closer examination of their membership and objectives reveal a concentration for bankcrupcy/liquidation/takeover/venture capital funding type of activities. So employee needs are probably out of scope.

BoilTheOcean CulturalRevolution strategy has been proven to work, if costs are inconsequential.



Making the elephant dance at http://leadership.wharton.upenn.edu/digest/02%2D03.shtml#Leading%20the%20Turnaround:%20%20Lou%20Gerstner%20of%20IBM 

Surgery for a once high flying publication at http://leadership.wharton.upenn.edu/digest/04%2D04.shtml#From_Writing_to_Leading: _How_John_A._Byrne_Is_Remaking_Fast_Company

StrategicManagement advice

See article describing strategies for small retailers in struggle against big rivals, from book "Dancing with Elephants", at http://www.key.com/gen/html/moneycorner_bv021.html

See TurnAroundToSelfManagement for focus on individual aspects


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