Twin Pages

MeatBall has a page on TwinPages. And I created the twin here on WardsWiki, because I can only afford to participate here.

I do find at times TwinPages content on MeatBall to have complementary value, and there are also instances of superior presentation and /or content there as well.

Do people here who have MeatBall experience know what is a proper way to replicate material here that is sourced from MeatBall? Please also provide advice on a way that can be tolerated (in case the proper way is too laborious).

I would like to copy something that is related to community communications, for example.

If it is your own material, you have the right to copy. But why copy it, when you can annotate it with a TrailFire mark or by a DiiGo annotation. The annotation allows WysiWyg input and even embedding of video objects. -- FridemarPache


Update notice: TwinPage is now reworked on MeatBall.

My suggestion for representing (handmade) bidirectionally connected (in- and external) Wiki pages is, using the pseudo-icon '<->' at the bottom of the page, followed by a list of all pages that are bilinked. If the pages have the same name, then I suggest the pseudo-icon '<=>'.

-- FridemarPache

Pour information MeatBall a aussi une page sur les PagesJumelles en langue Fran├žaise.

<-> TwinWiki, SisterSites,


In my use of the SmallestFederatedWiki, I implement a system where alternate sites using the same tag may be noted concisely
 [[Twin Pages]]<sup>[ c2] | [ mb]</sup>

-- DonaldNoyes.20130112

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