Twitter Consultant

I believe TwitterConsultant to be the first job invented in the XXIth century, like Twitter itself is the first mass communication medium of this millenium...

I'm claiming this status by reserving TwitterConsultant shortenings on accostumable url shorteners like this

and I've created a Yonkly for TwitterConsultants

I hope someone will create a Ning as well... (I've used all my available ning networks)

and also a Bingly or a Zuuloo.

BTW these people are on Twitter too or are talking about it over here:

AshleyRaiteri SamDisanto CarlisiaCampos JasonSlater PatrickMueller PiergiulianoBossi RobMyers StuartCharlton WardCunningham

And on 31 May 2009 this is what I can find about Twitter on here:

DesignVersusResultsEvidence GitHub GuiMachineLanguage LoggingDiscussion


See you on twitter !

Aren't they now called "Social Media Experts" or "Social Media Analysts"?
Does anyone know how to create a hyperlink to twitter for a hash-tag search that works whether or not one is logged into twitter?

If you go to

And create a query for #FluxCapacitor?

you would think this would be the URL to produce a search link:

But it doesn't work. Twitter wants to be a WalledGarden it seems.

(Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Haven't figured out the pattern yet.)

You may need to use the Twitter API:

If one sticks too many JS gizmos in the same page, odd things tend to happen. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll try to perfect the alternatives first.

You can use it server-side. The Twitter API is meant for this sort of thing.
What is a TwitterConsultant, and why?

"In Short, TwitterConsultant Is A SocialNetwork Launched in July 2006." -- SamDisanto 2 November 2010

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