Two Touch Voting

Once the Wiki edit box is open and you can see the WikiBallotBox in which you wish to vote:

WikiBallotBoxes have also been designed to work alongside the Wiki list asterisk (bullet) to allow rapid multiple

 vote => down-arrow => left-arrow (best executed in waltz time)
after an initial mouse click at the left hand end of the first ballot box. As an exercise, try taking part in the following spoof WikiWeightedVote. Remember, at least in peacetime, you should only vote at most once in each box, with a single digit.

So, at least someone voted. But I think the numbers of votes should be shown in this kind of vote. Each new voter would be responsible to increment this number. So that we can compute the mean value.

In practice, different ballot boxes receive different numbers of votes. People "abstain" on some choices and others add options after the vote has started. All's fair in love, war and TwoTouchVoting. But see the explanation of how to empty a WikiBallotBox in WikiWeightedVote and the example in WikiProposals?.

Highest Signal to Noise Ratio Wiki Pages

0 = no signal, 9 = nothing but signal

Number of voters : 1 now that's what I call democracy

9 5

well tried, sir!

You're not from Florida are you?


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