Ug Ly

Try harder. Be more specific. For instance Otherwise, WikiNames are not only ugly to read but too general to be useful.

Page restored. It's concise and fitting to say "Could you think of a less UgLy title please?".

In other words, this page is an AntiPattern; the canonical example of what not to do, and thus deserves to be the exception to the rule.

Onomatopoeic is to hiss as Exemplar is to UgLy. My Greek isn't up to the challenge.

I'd forgotten UgLy. One of my little Wiki babies, like WikiIrregularVerbs, which I also just came across somehow. The recent extensions in the latter are better then in this one though. Some children grown taller than others I guess; some just grow fatter. Ward once had a great one-liner here about

"Text can be edited but UgLy is forever."

but then page deletion made that inaccurate. Even Ward perhaps cannot remain great in all dimensions at once. -- RichardDrake

Some people think that overly-long names are just as bad, witness the dialog moved from YagNi:

 This page is UgLy.
 So are commonly-used, but long names.

See also LongTitlesSmell, LinkPattern, WikiNameAdvantages, HowToDeletePages; HaiKuMe for fun.

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