Unix Way

Hard to explain. If you're steeped in UNIX, you know the UnixWay. Some facets:

TheArtOfUnixProgramming is a more extensive exposition of the UnixWay.
Not everything is scriptable - just most things. You can't easily script ftp from the shell (at least not without expect or using perl.) --

Arguably a bug in ftp, and fixed by tools like curl (http://freshmeat.net/projects/curl).

But that's my point -- there's always a way. You don't have to wait for the original author to decide he wants to give you the ability to script his program. You can use a tool like expect to take care of that little problem. --MattBehrens

 ftp -n <<EOF
 open ftp.example.org
 user anonymous ${USER}@
 cd /path/to/file
 get file.gz2
 EOF -- PerryLorier

CheapProcesses? mesh together with pipes to keep programs small and focused. (Although GNU and Linux kinda breaks the small rule, and many new GUI programs now combine what separate text-based programs used to do) -- etoffi

Is this often referred to the UnixToolsApproach?? Its often better/simpler to write a bunch of small programs that interact with existing small programs via cli (or small sh script) than to build a monstrosity. Isn't that why '|'? -- SusanRoy

LinuxOs GraphicalUserInterface applications are often former non-UnixOs ProprietarySoftware? that was later OpenSourced and ported: e.g. OpenOffice and MozillaBrowser. After that it's a slow struggle to chunk things up and make them scriptable. With Mozilla they broke out Gecko so you can wrap Ephiphany/Galeon/whatever around it, now they're trying to make MozillaXul more flexible, etc. OpenOffice is proving to be a real PITA to work with in this regard; but it at least outputs XML ASCII now.
See also: PlanNineFromBellLabs, which tries to break fewer of the rules less often.

UnixCulturalAssumption, UnixDesignPhilosophy
See StandardWay. Contrast WindowsWay.

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