Urban Code

Urbancode is a custom development firm that actively contributes to several OpenSource projects as well as sponsors the projects listed below.

AntHill Anthill is an add-on to the JakartaAnt build system. AntHill adds the capability to build a project based on sources available in a source control repository, then increment a version number and tag the repository with the version number.


AnthillPro (commercial) Anthill Pro is a software build management server for the enterprise.

With Anthill Pro, your entire team can be greeted each morning with build reports from the overnight build. The QA team can review the automated test runs; the development team can start using the new build artifacts; the documentation team can review the revision log listing newly implemented features; and the management team can measure progress more readily.

It supports many reposistory adapters including: CVS (ConcurrentVersionsSystem), VisualSourceSafe, Perforce, ClearCase, PVCS, StarTeam, MKSIntegrity and FileSystem.


EjbBenchmark A benchmark study comparing the relative performance of six EjbIdioms. You may be surprised to find that a flawed architecture of your EJB application could lead to performance 120 times slower than that possible with an appropriate architecture. If you are having performance troubles with your J2EE app, then check this out!


Butler The idea behind Butler is to provide easy access to application configuration data. Good object oriented design dictates that configuration parameters not be hard coded into the application but abstracted out into a configuration file. The problem with such an approach is that it often results in various parts of the application having to read and parse the configuration file independently. The Butler solves that problem. It allows configuration data to be read once and then made accessible by any part of the application.


Urbancodes services include http://www.urbancode.com

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