Use Case To User Task

Gonna Play a game here. Assume there are three roles: Assume further that the User and Customer decide on a collection of UseCases that define the User's experience with the AtmMachine. These UseCases will be documented in Alistair Cockburn's "Fully Dressed" format - see "Writing Effective Use Cases" for a more-than-complete description. For our samples, see the UseCases at UseAtmMachine, WithdrawCashFromAtm and LogonToAtmSystem...

Then assume that the Customer is going to turn around and deliver UserStorys to the Developer. Question: what do these UserStory look like? Start a list at AtmUserStoriesAndTasks

Finally, the Developer will break the UserStorys into EngineeringTasks. What do these look like? These are also at AtmUserStoriesAndTasks


The title of this page suggests there might be such a thing as a "UserTask?"...

I named the page before I remembered it was actually called an EngineeringTask on this forum. So the name of this page could be "Use Case to Engineering Task" - but it isn't --Dan ;-)

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