Utopia Now

We all want the same thing - UtopiaNow. We all want pages to be OnSignal where they're not OnTopic, with a minimum of ThreadMess and a maximum of courtesy. It's not that hard. And we can have it - if we're willing to create it. The method is BleedingObvious:

If you find garbage in a park don't pick it up, don't throw it in the garbage bin. Cleaning the garbage it is so horrible and fraught with dangers that parks are much better if we just let the garbage be. It's better to enjoy the beauty next to the garbage. If the garbage overwhelms the beautiful things, use your imagination. Pretend the garbage is not there. But never, I said, never pick up the garbage. After all who are you to judge, one man's garbage is another man's esthetic of the ugly. Any resemblance with current situations, persons or characters is purely coincidental and no animal was hurt in the writing of this paragraph.

Garbagemen are not police. The above does not oppose ReFactoring, cleaning, gnoming, what have you.

Yeah, right. You bet. One man's cleaning is another man's WikiPolice. So we're back to square one.

If we all do this, c2 will swiftly become an amazing wiki again. So let's.

Of course, the proponents of this Utopia have generously and copiously failed to set an example to demonstrate that their utopia works and actually produces results. Actually, the very creator of this page violently contradicted his thesis by generating unnecessary and gratuituous heat in the creation of this page. -- CostinCozianu
Observation: While walking through a park unnamed, I took note of two things: -- DonaldNoyes.20100222
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