Vb Classic Questions

Q: How can one obtain a copy of VbClassic and see what it is all about, if Microsoft no longer offers it?

A: Microsoft does offer a free copy of VB5 control edition as recent as Feb 2004. Also if your company has a license for VbDotNet you may qualify to get a copy of VbClassic version 6 from MicroSoft. They provide this backdoor in case the DotNet stuff you are doing cannot address problems to integrate / interface with your existing legacy applications.

http://download.microsoft.com/msdownload/sbn/vbcce/vb5ccein.exe. The Online Reference should also still be available from http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/2/5/5253a7ea-1310-40d8-b762-625c2019310e/ccehelp.exe.

Q: Are there any Wiki based material for people with VbClassic interests?

A: The only wiki that supposedly have dedicated VbClassic is VbWiki by StevenBlack. However he is primarily interested in VisualFoxPro and there is only a little bit of old VbClassic information. Too bad as it is a good looking site (but the owner suggests donations).

So the answer is use WardsWiki for VbClassic page creation/maintenance, and do so in a manner that other people can find it useful if possible (e.g. development concepts that can be applied elsewhere).

I have come across a substantial wiki page (one only) at http://www.openwiki.com/ow.asp?RegularExpressionsInVisualBasic

Some regular contributors here (e.g. JeffGrigg) are actually ex-VB persons. If only you can entice him to write again :)

Any one else got good suggestions?

Q: Anyone seen a sample application that have VbClassic working in conjunction with PythonLanguage to deliver useful functionality?





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