Video Game

Video games are electronic games that are played on a computer monitor or television screen. They can either be played at home, on a personal computer or video game console, or in a public arcade.

There have been a wide variety of video games since their debut in the late 70's. Some video games are designed to be simulations of actual games, such as Baseball or Soccer, while others are entirely unique creations.

In recent years, video games have been linked to several incidents of violence, and to violent behavior in general. Discussion of the possible (or bogus) links between real-life violence and video games might be discussed in a ViolenceInGames? page.

In recent years, video games have often emulated popular action movies, and as a result have earned a reputation for being overly violent, and a corrupting influence on young people. Many argue this is not really the case as violence is not caused by the game but rather by the individual who may be prone to violence in the first place! a well balanced person should have no problems separating the fantasy of video games and reality.

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