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Microsoft Visual Studio.NET is an IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironment for Windows. It is the successor to VisualStudio. Despite the appearance of ".NET" in the name and throughout the documentation, it can also be used to build native Win32 applications.

v1.0 is also pretty mediocre. No refactoring support, defective MSI generator, defective ASPX designer (that can't be turned off), defective code editor. --JimLittle

Some people think VS.Net is a build tool. DontBuildWithAnIde

I seem to spend a lot of time fighting with VisualStudioDotNet rather than developing products. Grr

For example, try and load a visual web solution with a web.config file containing forms authentication module. You can't. You have to edit the web.config to remove forms authentication, load the solution, then put the web.config file back. Every time you load the solution, which is frequent because VS.NEt frequently locks itself out of using the dlls its building.
My most sorely missing feature would be hiding all comments and collapsing the code to fit in the hidden space. It should be transparent (otherwise you'd have to check out the file from VSS). Many programmers view 90-100% of all comments as bloat anyway.
Problems I cannot lick with VS 2012 (VS & MS wasn't my choice, but our shop is stuck with it):

See DotNet for comments on IDE-centric codeing.
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