Voice Of Wiki

When people sign their contribution as WikiWikiWeb, what voice do you imagine for them inside your head? Bass? Baritone? Tenor? Male? Female? In principle, perhaps it's the same as reading something written by a single person and signed with their name, or reading something unsigned. Still ....

I imagine hearing it as male tenor. But not only the VoiceOfWiki, but most text here, as long as I don't know the voice. Interestingly, I have never thought about hearing text with a voice. I just now come to the conviction, that I do sometimes hear different voices, if the text is longer or the tone strong. But mostly male tenor for computer-science. When one particular WikiZen addressed me the first time with my name on wiki, I heard my name with the same voice, that my english teacher from California used. -- GunnarZarncke

I sometimes hear different voices too. ;-) Actually, to be honest, I think I hear my own voice, like I'm reading to myself.

I hear the same voice SidMeiersAlphaCentauri? uses for the Voice of Planet.
One of the problems with the anonymous VoiceOfWiki is that you have even less to go on in deciding the ToneOfVoice?. Some newcomers assume the worst more than oldies, because this really is a surprisingly friendly place compared to most other net discussions.
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