Washington Dc Extreme Hour

The WashingtonDcAreaXpUsersGroup will be holding an ExtremeHour in DC Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 7:30. Go to WashingtonDcAreaXpUsersGroup for info and directions.
Is there enough interest in the DC area for an ExtremeHour? If this interests you, please sign below. If you want to be notified, include your email in your wiki page.

The next thing is to get a meeting place I believe. Being new to the area, I don't know of many places to meet. Suggestions?

This isn't exactly an eXtreme Hour, but I am planning to have a series of presentation/discussions on some eXtreme topics. I have had people not directly involved in XP express interest in the following topics:

AutomatedTesting -- The Role of Automated Testing During Development; ReFactoring -- Clean Up That Code; and an Overview of XP

It is also possible to do an Extreme Hour during this time. The space I have found has around space for around 15-20, just about right for an Extreme Hour I think. If you would like to attend, please let me know. Also, if you wish to help in the presentation, or have your own presentation, we could arrange that as well.

Due to some conflicts with other peoples' schedules, the presentation will be postponed until.... Date and time: November 29th, 2000 7:00pm. Place: 10501 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston VA Topic of discussion: Using automated testing as a development tool.

I will have a machine with VisualAge Java and JUnit to give demonstrations.


How did the November meeting go? (I notice this page has been static since November 9, 2000.) Have people been meeting about XP in DC regularly? Is there a WashingtonDcAreaXpUsersGroup? I ask because I'm very, very new to DC: in fact, I haven't even moved down there yet. --GeorgePaci

I'm also curious to know if there is an XP group actively meeting in the area. I'm in Reston/Herndon and would love to participate. -- JeffNielsen
I too live close (Fairfax, VA) and would be interested in some sort of ExtremeHour activity. -- SteveHolden

I am trying to help coordinate an XP Users Group for DC . It looks like there is interest. I've used XP on the last few projects and I'm excited about getting together with like minded individuals to share experiences.

I know of available space for meetings and would be happy to help cordinate the meetings. If you are interested please let me know.

--BobPayne (mailto:bobpayne@webdc.com)


There's a Python Conference in Alexandria the week of Feb 4. Would this be a usable focus for a meeting? -- SteveHolden
See also: XpMeetingTopics.

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