We Are Idiots

AntiPattern Name: WeAreIdiots

Type: Design

Problem: Members of design teams think that internal expertise in problem domain is a dangerous thing, because of the possibility that it might be stale; therefore a decision is made that every customer feature or major decision will require customer validation.

Context: Specifying project requirements.

Forces: Lots of things can cause this one; including any combination of: Supposed Solution: Rather than depending on in-house expertise, which may be substantial; all requirements (including minute details and implementation issues with little customer impact) must be traceable to articulated customer requests.

Resulting Context: Project often fails, because: Design Rationale: Belief that customer research is superior to internal market knowledge. Especially prevalent in sales/marketing, who are often suspicious of greybeards. Often compounded when the underlying complexities inherent in any design are not understood by those drafting the requirements.

Related AntiPattern: TheCustomerIsAlwaysRight?

Applicable Positive Patterns:

AntiPatternCategory: DevelopmentAntiPattern

Also Known As:

Opposite AntiPattern: TheCustomersAreIdiots

Examples in the Literature: Not aware of any.
Examples in Practice:
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