Web Development Tool Chain

A ToolChain is just like says. It's a chain of tools used to perform some function, such as if you're going to hammer a nail, your tool chain may be: nail, hammer, arm, etc. Each is needed to hammer that nail into a piece of wood. The following is a proposed hierarchical list of general categories associated with WebDevelopment or WebDesign:

[computer] [operating system] also see WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet
Specific chains

There seems to be an abundance of different tool chains in use for web development, probably because the field grew big so fast so recently (relatively speaking). The choice of a tool chain is important as it has a strong impact on productivity, but the market is totally confusing, as there are too many toolchains to have a good overview.

Should this topic be WebMethodology? or something? There are existing topics related to it, BTW, I just cannot think of the names right now. Perhaps try CategoryInternet.

Tomcat, Oracle etc. are certainly not methodologies, so why should it be "WebMethodology?"? One alternative expression I've heard is TechnologyStack?, so we could name this page WebDevelopmentTechnologyStack? if people think that's more apt.
CategoryInternet CategoryWebDesign

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