Wendy Seltzer

Harvard University (A.B., magna cum laude, 1996); Harvard Law School (J.D., cum laude, 1999).

While at Harvard she created the AnnotationEngine that permits commenting on Web pages, any Web page, with the comments footnoted from the page. Links can be similarly added to pages. This combination, convergence? of mediation server software like AnnotationEngine or CritLink with Wiki read/write page server software may suggest innovations for mediation servers and/or Wiki servers. Perhaps I can get Wendy to take a look at Wiki. -- JohnDeBruyn (December 24, 2000)

[Wendy adds: I like Wiki very much, and have tried using it for more "cumulative" collaboration. It gets everyone working on the same text, rather than forking comments into scattered notes or worse, follow-up emails.]


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