Who Is Using Xml

People using XML:

Ha! WhoIsUsingXml! That may be the funniest thing I've ever read here. Who isn't using XML? -- RobertFisher (^_^)
  Don't forget the Wiki is older than XML. -- boa
...but not SGML, which is the heritage of XML.

I can't imagine trying to do a web application these days without XML to transport my data about.

Yep; this is a pretty dated page. ;-> I can recall, when XML was "the amazing new thing!" I kept saying that soon saying "I'll send the data to you in XML format" will be accepted as being just about as normal and meaningless as saying "I'll send the data to you on a nine track tape." Yep; it's happened. (...except that nine track tapes are really, really dead now. ;-)

See: ExtensibleMarkupLanguage

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