Whos Writing About Xp

Who's writing about XP?

Who's right now actively working on an article or a book on the topic? Who's planning to? -- FrankWestphal

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SamsTeachYourselfExtremeProgramming in 24hours
by StewartBaird. ISBN 0672324415 . This book is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level.

by KentBeck ISBN 0-201-61641-6 about the philosophy behind XP. Translated into: Italian, German, Japanese, French, and Polish.

by MartinFowler ISBN 0-201-48567-2 .

by KentBeck, MartinFowler ISBN 0201710919 .

by KentBeck ISBN 0321146530

by RonJeffries, ChetHendrickson, and AnnAnderson. ISBN 0201708426 This book describes what makes XP work, day to day and month to month.

by GiancarloSucci? & MicheleMarchesi (editors). ISBN 0201710404 This book contains many papers on XP and Agile Methodologies, presented at XpTwoThousand Conference in Cagliari, Sardinia.

by JimNewkirk and RobertMartin. This book is a case study of a web-based application in XP. ISBN 0201709376

by KenAuer and RoyMiller. ISBN 0201616408 This book is advice to those who are starting up XP projects from the pioneers who have already done it.

by BillWake. ISBN 0201733978 .

by DaveAstels, GranvilleMiller, and MiroslavNovak. The definite Gospel Book to preach XP in your company (from an independent review on Amazon.com) ISBN 0130674826 Translated into Portugese, Russian, Polish, etc.

*Maitriser les projets avec l'Extreme Programming
by ThierryCros. ISBN 2854286391 (see amazon.fr)

L'Extreme Programming, avec 2 ?udes de cas
by JeanLouisBenard?, LaurentBossavit, RegisMedina, DominicWilliams. ISBN 2212110510

by LaurieWilliams and RobertKessler. ISBN 0201745763

by LisaCrispin and TipHouse. ISBN 0321113551 On acceptance testing and how testers contribute to XP projects.

by AlistairCockburn. A work on light-weight methodologies. ISBN 0201699699 http://members.aol.com/humansandt/crystal/clear/

by RobertMartin. ISBN 0135974445

by MattStephens and DougRosenberg. ISBN 1590590961 Tongue-in-cheek analysis of problems in XP. Suggests alternatives, and ways of patching XP for larger projects.

by DaveAstels. A very tutorial-oriented book on Test Driven Development using Java. ISBN 0131016490 .

by MicheleMarchesi, GiancarloSucci?, DonWells, and LaurieWilliams. ISBN 0201770059

Many recent books are missing from the above list. Why not cruise on over to Amazon and grab one or two more from their "Related Items" list?

Recent Titles


PracticesOfAnAgileDeveloper : Working in the Real World (Pragmatic Programmers) : by VenkatSubramaniam, AndyHunt ISBN 097451408X

AgileEstimatingAndPlanning : by MikeCohn ISBN 0131479415

AgileWebDevelopmentWithRails : A Pragmatic Guide (Pragmatic Programmers) (Paperback) by DaveThomas, DavidHeinemeierHansson, AndreasSchwarz, ThomasFuchs, LeonBreedt, MikeClark ISBN 097669400X

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Other web pages about ExtremeProgramming






<http://www.egroups.com/group/extremeprogramming/> (mailing list)

<http://www.egroups.com/group/xpspanish/> (mailing list in Spanish)

<http://www.smiling.com.cn/group/homepage.ecgi?group_id=9999> (XpChina mailing list in Chinese)

in Japanese: <http://www.esm.co.jp/divisions/open-sys/eXtremeProgramming/xp-faq.html>

in German: http://www.frankwestphal.de

in Italian: http://www.oxp.it/extreme.htm

in French: http://www.xp-france.net, http://www.design-up.com and also a mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xp-france

in Spanish: http://www.programacionextrema.org

in Russian: http://www.xprogramming.ru

in Traditional Chinese: http://www.dotspace.idv.tw

in Korean: http://www.xper.org

OopsLa usually has a few sessions on XP as well every year (more than stated above).

Most of this page is really WhosWrittenAboutXp?. I think Frank had more of a current list in mind, rather than just another XP bibliography.

Currently (2006)

MichaelFeathers: XP2006 is over. Here's the first in a series of writeups about what happened:
Agile developers Decision making is covered in an article examining naturalistic versus rational approaches:

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