Wiki Addiction

See also WikiAddict, WikiJunkie, WhyWikiCreatesAddicts

Answer the following question - honestly to yourself.

Why did you click on this link?

I call that WikiEntrapment

I clicked on it because I typed WikiAddiction on my personal page, wondering whether it would come up as a new page or as an established one. When it came up as established, I nearly cried with relief: "thank god, I'm not alone!" etc. -- RjLesch

I searched for "God" (see the previous paragraph) and happened to find this page. -- DagfinnReiersol

I was just curious. -- MichaelFinney

I wanted to see what the new change to the WikiAddiction page was. That's right--not only am I a WikiAddict, I'm a RecentChangesJunkie, too. --MossCollum

When I'm running our full suite of tests (it can take 5 or 6 minutes), I pop over to Wiki and view the RecentChanges page. I find it's a great incentive to run my test suite often! (Truth be told, I was a RecentChangesJunkie well before I became TestInfected) --MarkAddleman

This makes me want to AEh eHA EhA Eha ehA EA EHa ea Ea all day -- jhaz

I should be working, I should be studying. I should have taken out the trash hours ago... But no. For an almost cured WebAddict? WikiAddiction is a harsh reality. --PB

If nothing helps, try WikiholicsAnonymous -- Hs
See also: WebAddiction

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