Wiki Bookmarklet

... is a BookMarklet that enhances the usability of this Wiki.

To give them a try simply use the "javascript:..." lines as the URL for a bookmark in your toolbar. (See BookMarklets or for more details)

Wiki bookmarklets available:
See also: WikiBookMarkletExamples, WikiToolBar
SeshKumar is the pioneer who used the EditLinks feature for this breakthrough.
Hmmmm. With Mozilla 0.9 the Bookmarklets are slightly broken. At least in the way I use it: If I click on the QuickDiffBookmarklet I get to the QuickDiff, but I cannot go back (Alt+Left) to the original page. I can still click on the title, but I miss the old behavior in other places too. Looks like the QuickDiff replaced the original page in the history. Bug or feature? Did anybody already adjust their bookmarklets to this behavior?

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