Wiki Celebrities

Okay, I know this is WikiOnWiki, but I just have to let people know that PeterMerelKicksAss.

And of course, there's WardCunningham, the original WikiMaster, and SunirShah, the reigning king.

Ward is also one of TheThreeExtremos, along with KentBeck and RonJeffries.

But they're nothing compared to PeterMerel.

Ah, baloney. These guys are old and tired. You never see 'em on wiki today. They're dodderers, silly old farts with no idea what's on RecentChanges now. Forget 'em. Real WikiCelebrities are people like FrancisHwang, TomRossen. Get with it! -- (obviously) PeterMerel

[MikeSmith deleted from the preceding list... by MikeSmith. I'm hardly a "celebrity" here, or anywhere. And for what it's worth, I agree fully with the following comment on the subject.]

Wiki is far more than today's "get with it", there is a history which is valuable and viewpoints and information that is relevant and helpful even though some term it "old and tired". It once meant enough, to have been stated, then edited, restated, modified and refactored. Evidently, it has something to say, even to the "throw it away, it's old" segment of today's vocal WikiZens. There is some "gold" in the wikiRepository which WikiCelebrities in "bygone days" have refined into fine jewelry. If you must throw it away, throw it my way!

This page was meant to be tongue-in-cheek; everybody knows PeterMerelIsaBuffoon?. ;-)

For the serious-minded, see: RegularContributors

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