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WikiCurrentTopics is a project of DavidLiu's intended to list and discuss topics with high update activities in recent weeks. It also aim to foster ProductiveControversy.

See also ChangeSummary, a historical relative of this page.

See also ImplicitTopics, which has similar objectives via different means. I tend to think the two ways complement each other.
I created this page because I felt left out of the discussions in physics and science, and also academic issues in computing. (Early March 2004?)

The difficulty may not be mine alone. I do not mind general current topics, but deep discussions with no immediate industry relevance, and if these occur frequently, causes a sense of loss in me.

Patterns have relevance to industry as they lead to process improvement. What does basic science do to help me put food on my table tomorrow?

Not trying to pick on physics; I would have the same trouble with deep discussions on economic theory as well. Maybe the same people who are interested in very theoretical or hard to follow topics can create pages that introduce the general WikiReader to the subject of their interest as well.

Sometimes I like OffTopic pages just so I can get a relief from deep discussion pages.

-- DavidLiu

Note while topics listed were current (lots of people and lots of changes in pages of significance) for the month, there has been no attempt to have an objective measurement. In the ten months after its creation I did not seem to see other people adding to this list. So it reflects the biases of one person.

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Discussion made a remark that RecentChangesDiscussion is not very recent 2002 last edited, that's nearly two years of short term focus silence

Well I must say that I feel the same about ThingsOnWikisMind. I made a note in that page requesting for update from frequent visitors to Wiki. I did not get any response. -- dl

I would further suggest people think about a minor adjustment to WikiWay, that of adding a page creation and/or originated by in some of the pages. That way future readers can try to gauge who might still have interest (e.g. to restart the discussion or page enhancement), and also get an idea on how relevant is the information. This method is of course full of holes, but it provides another way to help keep interesting pages and discard old ones.

See UsefulUsableUsed

Contributions from other people, I am not involved in discussions below -- dl

Perhaps a recent (2004Q1) discussion in WikiIsDead about it being reached optimal already, in terms of effort-to-result ratio should be one of the few WikiCurrentTopics.

The large number of pages added to Wiki, but never surfaced even after many years of inactivity, keep me wondering whether Wiki should be modified to detect old but inactive (w.r.t. edit) pages so WikiSpringCleaning should be concentrated on those pages instead.

A fifty year old encyclopedia may have lots of valuable information in it still, but lack of maintenance send these to the recycle bin. So what wiki page should the above discussion be moved to, if not this one?

See IfItsNewItMustBeBetter
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