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A WikiClone written in CsharpLanguage, primarily as an exercise in learning said language, WebForms, and the MicrosoftDotNet frameworks. Apart from those (currently the beta 1 version) it currently requires SqlServer 2000 as its back-end. Unfortunately, after job changes and other irritating real world events ate my free time, it never got beyond the first interim version. It's now officially a dead project, although I may resurrect it later in one form or another. In the meantime, though, anyone still looking for an upgrade path is pointed at SushiWiki. -- AlistairYoung

Good going! -- sg

Now, we just need to add HailStorm (web service/instant messenger) integration into it to provide local replication, synchronization and notification. -- DanGreen

On the list for the next major version (delayed, see above). The first step in this will be to allow MicrosoftPassport? as an authentication scheme, but to do that I have to arrange the relevant considerations with MS. This is unlikely to be as easy as it is to say. -- AlistairYoung

Other .NET Wiki implementations ...

See what you get if you type in: Is this the same site or a mirror?

This was an inadvertent alias for the site. -- WardCunningham

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