Wiki Features

A wiki discussing existing and proposed features on various wiki engines.

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A Wiki dedicated to collecting feature ideas, and keeping tabs on the development of various wiki features.

It includes lists of engines, lists of features, summaries of features, development status of features, pointers to where feature conversations are happening, actual conversations, pretty much everything you would imagine.

See also WikiPrinciples, WikiFeatureIdeas, WikiWikiSuggestions.

''The wiki is a place to talk about ideas on the edge of Wiki, but I only know three people who implement ideas - AlexSchroeder of OddMuse, BayleShanks of InterWikiSoftware, and ThomasWaldmann of MoinMoin. I justify my existence as a "Bee." I like to cross-pollinate ideas from different places, and spread them around. One group of people I'd like to see is the TWiki community. The people I know don't know much about it, and I think there's likely room for cross-pollination there. I also like to think of ways wiki can be used.

I think a lot about the future - the MassUseOfWiki?. ''The IdeasToPlace page exists so that you can drop off ideas, without having to write up a whole page. Later, when you have time, you can flesh out the idea. Which is pretty much what I'm working on. Here are some of the expanded entries: Fold out * to see some more.

Incidentally, I believe AlexSchroeder's OddMuse is continuing the UseMod "tradition." His NearLink implementation (* is amazingly useful, especially in the case of WikiEmigration ( You can leave a site, and still use the old vocabulary.

-- LionKimbro

The reason people don't use my wiki to talk about wiki features isn't because it's a bad idea (it's a great idea- the subject really deserves it's own pagespace), but because people want to know that they're being watched by their friends while they work in it.

For the sake of organizing and exploding out pages, and getting past the "my wiki" barrier, we crucially need the cross-wiki change-observing features implemented. That is possibly the most important thing to be done in wiki right now.

Right now, wiki are reaching their carrying capacity and filling up their page databases. But emigration is a really slow process because it's become this heart-rending "but it's the end of the community!" thing. And the only reason that is is because RecentChanges is really unintelligent right now. It looks at only 1 wiki, and it doesn't allow you to watch your friends or people you are interested in as they do stuff.

Right now, everyone's trying to make the "UberWiki?." It's comparable back to when web page authors were saying, "I don't want to link to other web pages, because then my viewers leave. I know what I'll do - I'll just encompass the entire universe on my set of web pages!" On wiki, it's slightly different. People are content to have a wiki have just one domain. What they don't seem to realize is that every domain is pregnant with miniature domains. And the miniature domains are not constricted by a tree-relationship - it's more of a graph relationship. It's like "A City is not a Tree." So what we need is not one uberwiki that can encase it's subject and all sub-subjects, what we need are wiki farms, or people who know how to make lots of wiki, and then make all those wiki.

Our work, as far as I can tell, is to prepare for the MassUseOfWiki?. -- LionKimbro

(Sometimes called the WikiFeaturesWiki).

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