Wiki Forums Wanted

  1. AnnotationWiki

  2. DomainsWiki ( where Domain Based Realnames with backlinks from the owner's URLs are used for authentication )

  3. Film on WikiPedia
  4. InformationArchitecture -- see IaWikiDotNet

  5. JayLanguageWiki? (written in and for the JayLanguage)

  6. JournalismWiki?

  7. LearningLinux

    • Do you mean, "learning what's different about GNU/Linux compared to other UNIX-like systems"? Or do you mean, "Learning about the UNIX way of doing things, as demonstrated by Linux?"
    • I'd say, both, plus: learning how to check out linux without any installation ...

  8. LearningPerl

  9. Literature Wiki
  10. MathWiki
  11. MusicWiki

  12. OneBigWiki

  13. ScienceFictionWikiForum (for a giant potential of ScienceFiction stuff and discussions)

    • There is one hosted by Bo Leuf: Bo Leuf, is there any chance of you and Ward sorting the interwiki bottom-of-the-page icons between this science fiction site and

  14. VrmlWikiForum

  15. WikiForTheMovie

  16. AgileCeePlusPlusWiki? for focusing on the application of AgileProgramming techniques to C++-centric environments?

  17. HumourWiki

  18. VideoGameWiki? for examining videogame strategies for specific games and for looking at games based on many qualities not just how recent or flashy they are

  19. Political Wiki

How often have you looked into the list of PublicWikiForums, being frustrated not to find the forum of your interest. If you don't want to create your own WikiForum by installing your own WikiEngine or opening your own forum on a WikiFarm, put your wish here.

And how about: I want to find a hosting site for wikis, where I can create my own private wikis which I would share with a defined, limited membership- for example to collaboratively write a book.

If you find an existing forum in the wish-list (having created one yourself or created by someone else), please announce it in PublicWikiForums (and delete the resp. entry here). Thank you.

-- FridemarPache

Also check out WikiIndex:WikiIndex for a wiki to cultivate -
See WikiEnginesWanted

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