Wiki Gremlin

A WikiGremlin works behind the scenes to make Wiki pages look interesting. WikiGremlins insert parentheticals (like this one) to make you look stupid, refactor your arguments to make you look stupid, use categories to make you look stupid, make snide destructive remarks to detract from your credibility and make you look stupid, DisagreeByDeleting, and generally make the Wiki look stupid. WikiGremlins are sometimes referred to as "trolls" by those they made look stupid. You can also easily identify a gremlin/troll by the way they bust-up paragraphs you wrote and insert derogative language. This takes your words and meanings out of context. They also will add their comments at the top of pages, or otherwise out of order, to try to steal the show and change the subject of discussion when things are not going their way. They also frequently engage in the activity of a WikiBibleQuoter.

Some would say a troll is one who baits you into being a WikiGremlin yourself and make yourself look stupid.

Did a WikiGremlin edit the definition to make it repeat "look stupid" so many times?

Actually not: repetition can sometimes be a deliberate rhetorical device and does not necessarily make the speaker look stupid. It certainly makes the point here, does it not? Or do you think it's just done to look stupid?

Contrast with WikiGnomes and WikiFaeries, who are basically good, and don't make anything look stupid.
See: WikiAgent, TrollDefinition, WikiVandal

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