Wiki Junkie

You might be a WikiJunkie if:

I've got that beat. I set up a local document that builds a frame. One frame comes up with RecentChanges. The other frame is hidden, and uses JavaScript setInterval() to reload the RecentChanges frame every couple minutes. -- JohnPassaniti

For WikiJunkies who use InternetExplorer, convert to MozillaFirefox. Not only will you thank me because it's a much friendlier, standards-compliant, easily-customizable-and-extendible, pop-up-intolerant web browser; *takes deep breath* but it also has TabbedBrowsing! A feature that's available with every browser except InternetExplorer and Lynx (which is a text-based web browser, so it has a legitimate excuse). This feature is especially useful for WikiJunkies, because you can have RecentChanges/RecentEdits open in the one tab, and browse pages in the other tabs. No separate browser window required. -- CarlosNsRodrigues

The trouble with TabbedBrowsing, of course, is that it makes opening more pages easier, leading quickly to an horrendously overloaded tab bar... (I only have around twenty tabs open in this window right now, which is a fairly low number for me...)

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