Wiki Refactoring Feedback

Feedback is helpful in learning. How do you get feedback when you're learning to refactor wiki pages?

I'm getting bolder with various wiki refactorings, but I'm not sure where my efforts are strong, and where they need to improve. Probably because wiki refactoring is so anonymous, you rarely seem to get feedback on any refactorings. Are there subtler signs I should be looking for? Should I just assume SilenceImpliesConsent, and keep going?

Pretty much SilenceImpliesConsent. If someone doesn't like what you're doing, they'll typically post their objections on the page(s) you changed or your home page. -- voice of experience (JeffGrigg ;-)

FeedbackIsControl is a tool you can use, just the same way as you can use the RatchetEffect. Sometimes when interacting with people, it helps to ask for feedback .. but I'm no expert. 9-)

Consider putting a sign up while you're doing the refactoring, the way some builders do while they work on your house.

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