Wilf Lalonde

Father of Brannon and Robin Lalonde; husband of Marla Doughty.

Wilf is an excellent professor of (CS 95.) 202, 302 and 402 at CarletonUniversity. He is dedicated to teaching (at least, he was when I was at CarletonUniversity). It was not uncommon to find Wilf in the first-year labs working with students late into the evening.

Wilf was one of the founders of TheObjectPeople. He has an intense work ethic. Late into the night, working on a problem (the nature of which I forget), I remember asking Wilf if we could get something to eat. His response was didn't you eat yesterday? He was, of course, kidding. We ate and then returned to the office and worked well into the night.

Wilf is normally the smartest person in the room. Wilf was (and is) a strong proponent of NeedsDrivenProgramming, which has many parallels to ExtremeProgramming

Wilf was a provincially-ranked wrestler in high school.

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