Will Gray


Welcome to WardsWiki. Would you care to tell us about your connection with PeopleProjectsAndPatterns? Are you intending to stay and contribute, or do you see yourself as a FlyingVisitor? Regardless, welcome.

I started visiting the site last year when I learned what a Wiki was. I've read through more topics than I can remember and have even made some edits and comments. I'll try to stay involved some. My job is programming, but there are other aspects of business and computing that interest me. The topics related to WorkEnvironment? and about ProgrammingLanguages are interesting.
I use MacOsx, MozillaFirefox, PythonLanguage, RubyLanguage, SubVersion, and VimTextEditor.
We're looking at having our cubicles rearranged here at work to accommodate 2 or 3 more people. We currently have 6 in the space. Some of the people have said they would prefer more privacy than we already have. It's bad enough not having any windows. Maybe I'll have them all read CubeFarm. I'm gaining some new responsibilities, so there is a chance I'll move to an office of my own or shared. The probability of gaining any windows is slim.

Why are there no windows?

The faculty and surgeons on my floor get all the windows. My boss has a CornerOffice?. At least our meeting rooms have windows.

Plans are in the works to add a building to the campus with my department getting one of the floors. My boss is campaigning for open floor plans and lots of glass - OneGiantRooms around the outside and private RealOffices in the middle. Presumably, workers will have the option of windows or privacy, but not both, reversing the current dilemma of the elite having both and the drones having none.

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