Wireless Devices Enterprise Computing

WirelessDevicesEnterpriseComputing concerns with EnterpriseApplications that use WirelessDevices in instances where BusinessValue can be demonstrated.

An example could be use of RadioFrequencyIdTags for SupplyChainManagement type BusinessProcesses.
SmartPhone to dominate ProgrammingOnHandHelds for very good reasons

BusinessValue, the kind that meets the GamblingAddiction and AdultContent? demands. See http://www.3gnewsroom.com/3g_news/jul_05/news_6102.shtml Despite the BarrierToEntry (e.g. numerous patents) obstacles imposed by the Telecomm industry, and slow uptakes in existing infrastructure products such as ThirdGeneration, and that TechnologyChurn would render our efforts meaningless, I still think PersonalDigitalAssistants to fade, in favor of SmartPhone (and its descendents) that fit in the palm of one hand. -- dl Aug05

WindowsMobile (WM) specific information

A GartnerInc mid 2005 survey has shown (then) recent HandheldComputer shipments were being dominated by the WM based OS. And like it or not, latest version (WM5) will further help the software giants' attempt for domination in this budding market, as it has shown maturity in the understanding of the constraints specific to this segment (e.g. PowerUsage concerns).

News and developments Limitations

32 process limit. Use of services.exe provides some relief as a number of processes can run under the same umbrella service.


Watch blogs related to Mike Calligaro (MS employee). And some of the comments and discussions related to that.

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