World War Three

We live in very interesting times. The world situation has always been precarious but rarely as precarious as today.

It rather seems that so long as you live in the first world, your life is considerably safer than it was a generation ago. Those of us who grew up under the threat of MutuallyAssuredDestruction pretty much expected the whole planet to obliterate itself without warning. We expected that for many years.

These days we have little to concern ourselves with. Certainly the middle east might self-destruct. No more oil then - lots of things would change - but no real chance of human extinction in that. Japan might collapse. No more tiny radios - so sad, but we'll still sleep at night. The US waging a race war - heck, how short is your memory that you can't recall our internal racial struggles in the 1960s? It was far worse then.

No, even with the HypnoCrat?s in power, WorldWarThree is further off than it was not long ago. Zmag or no zmag. What you ought to be worried about, if you have a brain in your head, is TheBottleneck.

And you think no one will try to resolve TheBottleneck by WorldWarThree?

Our world's international political situation is less stable now than it ever was when the SovietUnion was still around. The SovietUnion provided both counter-balance and stability. What will happen to our world if Fascism or some virulently nationalistic Communist party rises to power in Russia? The place is a hellhole now [90s] (all hail the IMF) and ripe for that sort of thing.

What happens if the USA stretches its military capabilities beyond the limits its decayed economy can sustain? What happens if the USA implodes on itself? What portion of the planet will the USA, with its thousands of nuclear weapons, take down with it then?

What happens if Japan takes down the whole of Asia with it when it implodes? What do you think China will do then? We're talking about conditions which can, at first glance at least, be compared to pre-WW2 and you dismiss them with "No more tiny radios - so sad."

I realize that worrying about nuclear destruction isn't as fashionable nowadays as ecological destruction, but please give the idea some thought.

Oh heck yes to all that. The future is dreadfully uncertain. We all might be dead tomorrow. But this is nothing new, and things have looked worse. So?

I wrote the section in italics above just before the 2000 election. MeaCulpa and plaudits to my antagonist. Now I see things like and and I realize things have not looked worse. Not since the thirties. Consider the parallels:

Now here's how it plays out:

Alarmist nonsense. Everything is fine. Get back to OnTopic and don't worry about things you can't affect.

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