World Wide Wiki

The wild world of WikiPages linked with WikiLinks is an open wiki which covers all different kinds of topics.

It's completely open to anybody and anything with just a really basic set of rules.

Several of the projects on it are:

SwitchWiki - a public wiki for public wikis (through a list and categorization)

GeekMarks? - links to stuff for geeks on the net

JunitAddonsRunner? - documentation for the JUnit-addons Runner

CommRightsForum? - planning and development of the campaign for Communication Rights

ForesightExchange - documentation for the "game" set up by Ken Kittlitz (FutureExchangeInvesting?, ForesightExchangeClaimCreation?) and discussion of Hanson's idea of "future exchanges" in general.

InternetSicherheit? - Wie bewege ich mich sicher im Internet?

Now that Wiki is becoming very popular, I hope it is time to promote more than ever a brand new WWW, not the WorldWideWeb, the WorldWideWiki. How ? Simple. With ExternalWikiLinks, to make InterWiki ubiquitous.


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