World Wide Wiki Web, anybody?

Why not let the most frequently used navigation paths define parent-child relationships? For example, if you always get to WorldWideWikiWeb from InterWiki, then InterWiki should be a parent to WorldWideWikiWeb. The key is to capture the navigation events, and then to use the captured information to display the paths as a map. You can get a WorldWideWikiWeb going this way. You can define a WikiWebTransferProtocol that includes the ability to optionally specify the source of the traversal and then any WikiWeb that obeys the protocol and displays the parentage information as traversible links would automatically join something that would end up growing bigger than even this WikiWikiWeb. You could even get cute and skip over popular parents that recently tested as failed; permanently bad links would eventually fall behind the new parents. It's pretty elegant, actually. All it takes is a good protocol.

This sounds sort of like FreeNet. Would the parent-child relationships automatically move InterWiki's content onto the same server as WikiWeb's for speed's sake?

This also sounds like applying BackLinks to other sites. Some WebLogs have started doing this recently, by parsing the web-server log for Referer data. Any wiki, being a dynamic server, could do the same thing on the fly by grabbing the Referer from the request-header before delivering the page. Most sites show counts by referring-URL and sort in that order. Some have agents that go out and grab the Title of the referring page. Some even have authors that personally go back and annotate those BackLinks. (BillSeitz, Apr'02)

What about making a WorldWideWikiWebConsortium? (W4C)? -- AntoineZimmermann

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