Xo Yn Ki

For giggles, I wrote a simple wiki in Java that doesn't require a J2EE application server. The entire application is smaller than 100K, making it ideal for use on a UsbKeychainDrive. It runs on a tiny, proprietary, non-J2EE application server that can host XoYnX applications. (XoYnX (pronounced like "zoinks") is a homemade web GUI library that tries to make web app development more like stand-alone GUI development by removing the need for HTML and JSP files.)

Source and executable jar can be found at http://home.houston.rr.com/casmco

-- EricHodges

Hello there! First off, I'd like to say that your code is SWEET! Very clean and easy to understand. I added in some options to your wiki for configuring the size of the text area for input, and fixed a small bug with the lists (it was entering an extra BR tag in the lists). I can not find a way to contact you to give you these changes back. You can email me at fmerenda _at_ yahoo _dot_com_ if you'd like and I will get the changes back to you.

-Frank Merenda

I'm glad you like it, Frank. Don't worry about sending me source code - it isn't open source. -- EH

Great stuff! Just please - if at all possible - keep the simple text format of the files. That is one of the reasons I am using your wiki, since I almost always end up having to quickly acces the text files themselves for personal notes and reference, and sometimes I just need to open it up with vim. :)

Thanks again! -Frank

Yes this code is so straightforward and easy-to-read (despite that *gasp* there's almost no comments!) that I will keep a copy of the source just to use as an example of great OO and why and how it can use the source code to decompose and describe the problem domain so well that the code practically explains itself!


Would this run on a SharpZaurus?

My guess is "yes", if you can get JRE 1.5 on it. That's all XoYnKi needs. -- EH

I did a search and can only see that PDA uses some kind of "Personal Profile" (J2ME terminology). Did not mention what (if any) JRE library version it uses. :(

One more question, I am assuming this "webserver" would only require port 80 HTTP requests, and will ignore requests for it to serve files and execute programs?

You can configure it for any port. It doesn't ignore file requests. It responds to all of them with JPEG mime type headers (because I did the simplest thing that could possibly work) if it can find the file. I'm not sure what sort of request executes programs, but I doubt it can handle those.

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