Abap Language

A fourth generation ProgrammingLanguage developed by SapCorporation (SAP AG).

ABAP/4 stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is the programming language that SAP AG has used to develop all of the SAP R/3 business modules, applications, and system management functions. The current incarnation is called AbapObjects.

ABAP... "German COBOL". ABAP is a very cumbersome language and SAP R3 is a cumbersome development environment. AbapLanguage QuickQuestions

Q Is AbapLanguage going to play any significant role in NetWeaver?

A Yes. NetWeaver will contain two language stacks: Java (actually, J2EE), and ABAP Objects. The vast majority of the SAP business coding is and will remain for quite some time written in ABAP.

Bet you didn't know this: according the the TIOBE Index
See also CobolLanguage

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