Active Data Objects In Vb Classic

A page on ActivexDataObject and SqlServer that is of concern to VbClassic developers.

Introduction and beginner Material
Following two links moved from ActivexDataObject and unfortunately no longer work

I tried WaybackMachine and not found there as well. Links were working in Feb2004. Anyone able to help to provide a new link, or an equivalent good quality replacement? -- dl [The second link below seems to work still. For the first, try]

A Microsoft archived article on using VbClassic and ADO to build midtier components is located at

A book excerpt kept on Microsoft site on UniversalDataAccess, at, gave an example of ADO usage from within VbClassic

Wiki data access and database pages to be checked out
Material related to Data access concerns, including but not limited to ADO Anyone got good references to resources that help with thick client application scalability, interoperability and performance please add to above list -- dl


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