Adam Rifkin

AdamRifkin squandered his life on entertainment through movies, books, music, and alcohol, until he found himself working at Hewlett-Packard on mobile distributed processes for their "Client Utility" project. He later went to Microsoft to study Internet-Scale Event Notification Systems. In 1999, he left Caltech to found KnowNow?, for which he still serves as a Director; he currently serves as a Fellow at CommerceNet? as well. All he knows now is FormAndFunctionAreOne.

Hobbies include: Heroes include (in no particular order) AlanKay, AllanSchiffman, BayWeiChang, BobCringely, ClayShirky, DougLea, ErichGamma, JohnVlissides, JonUdell, LaoTse, L. PeterDeutsch, RalphJohnson, RichardHelm, WardCunningham, and all the RegularContributors...

He is not Adam Rifkin the movie guy. (


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